Best package deal prices?!

We have been going to WDW every year except 2020 for last 14 years. The discounts are getting smaller and smaller when going durectly thru WDW. Is there a place that offfers better deals than 10% off on site rooms? We do DD, Polynesian. Thank you so much.

When are you planning to go?

There are a lot of great TAs on this forum that will help look for deals. This company has some exclusive discounts:

I saw that MeetMe linked some DVC rental info for you in chat. JJT’s Hotwire blogs are also a great last minute deal. The difference is that both of these options cannot be cancelled or modified.

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April 2022

I would not expect any discounts until towards the end of year? DVC rentals would be available in May, MVT might be available in the late fall?

DVC rental store is now allowing cancellations:

Yes, but it is a reducing credit.


Here I was trying to come up with a simple description but figured the link explains it quickly.

Still I think it’s better than other companies that offer nothing and noteworthy.

Yes, but MVT usually has a 5 day cancellation? Disney discounted rates would also have a better cancellation policy. It is something to consider these days.

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And it seems to be an increasingly complex array of options.

The one advantage of your spouse not getting involved in the planning is you don’t have to worry about them uncovering a better deal than the one you went with!

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When I research hidden deals I check Disney packages and compare to building your own with a la carte items once in awhile.

It seemed like the Costco Travel deals were actually pretty good lately - but the “2-Extra Ticket Days” deal Disney has right now makes their deal equal.

Might be worth a look to compare on different dates and see what resorts are available, but here’s a thumbnail of the one I just checked: 5 day trip in May at CBR with a Standard Pirate room and 5-day park hoppers for 2 adults and 2 children. (No flights or car.)

(I do not know if Polynesian shows up in their deals.)

Costco: $3,524
Disney Regular Price: $4,257
Disney 2-Extra Ticket Days Price: $3,602