Best order of making reservations

What is the best order of making reservations and creating a customized touring plan?

  1. Make Dinning Reservations
  2. Make FPP reservations
    3 Create customized Touring Plan using #1 and #2

Well, I think you have to add a couple of steps…

  1. Before making ADR’s, make a rough sketch of your trip… when you arrive, when you leave and what parks you might visit on which days etc. May want to check park hours predictions with Kenny the Pirate.
  2. That will inform your decisions on making ADRs (not going to make a BOG ADR on a day you will be at AK, etc.)
  3. Make ADR’s based upon your rough trip outline.
  4. Confirm park hours for your trip and change or tweak ADR’s based upon your firmed up plan for parks/days etc.
  5. Make a first draft of a customized TP in order to create a targeted list for FPP based on which days you will be in which parks.
  6. Get FPP
  7. Tweak your TP and FPP for your final plan…

I mean there are other ways to do things, but this is how I approach it.

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Your suggestion is fine as far as it goes, but you’ve missed a crucial step.

  1. Repeatedly change everything every day until you arrive at WDW.

I usually pick how many days for each park and then pick my park days. I also use Kenny’s calendars for park hours. I then pick out what restaurants to eat at. At that point I do not change my park days. At this point with our family, we do not get park hoppers, so changing park days is not easy. I start to create my touring plans to figure out best times for ADRs. Once I have my ADRs, I prioritize attractions and choose FPS. I choose times based on my touring plans that I have been messing around with. There have been times I have switched around a few ADRs or fastpasses, but nothing too crazy. My touring plans are pretty much solidified by the time we go, but I have pretty flexible ones, so it’s not like it is not like I’m a drill sargent or anything. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As you can make dining reservations 180 days out, you do that first. Then, before your window opens for FPP reservations you make personalized TPs and optimize them to help decide what FPP reservations to try to get. Reoptimize once you get your FPP reservations, and then reoptimize right before your trip.

Here is a link to a forum post the gets into a little more detail on when to do various planning tasks: