Best OFFSITE Resort Rental?

Such places can be found, but the earlier you reserve, the better chance you’ll find something on the cheaper end of things. For example:

Then, there are much more expensive options:

Oh, great. Now I’ve gone down the path of looking at rentals I’ll never ever utilize. For example, this place looks AMAZING. But I guess I have to come up with a reason we might need an 8 BR rental!

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Yep. Eventually. Actually, we’ve talked about how we want to, in like 2024, make a big family trip where all the kids and spouses come down and we stay at such a place. We presume we’ll have grandchildren by then! So maybe!

Don’t do it! I love my friends. I love WDW. But there were times, wrangling 11 people my affection for both waned. 4 bedrooms sees like a good place to draw a line.

Ok. That last one @ryan1 is available for my upcoming trip. It would only cost me $4,600 off season.

My current “problem” is I need a 4-bedroom for seven of us as close to the park as possible (DH not coming and I’m not as happy a driver) and I don’t want to spend the $1,200-$1,300 it looks like I’m going to have to cough up. I really wanted to come in at $1000, which I CAN find… but I’d be giving up a lot it seems, qualitatively, than if I just spend $200-$300 more… but I’d rather spend that on food.

@ryan1 on your drive from WH to the parks, you mentioned that it was tedious. What time of year were you there and what times during the day were you travelling?

I am staying there in Aug/Sep this year.

Hehe. Well, our immediate family loves to spend time together. :slight_smile: But I do think beyond that, it would be difficult, for sure.

We were there first week of February. One of the lowest times of the year, crowd wise. Time of day was generally in time to get there for rope drop.

We were actually going to Universal, not Disney, but it still took about 15+ minutes just to get the exit for Disney. So add about 5 minutes for the time takes from there.

It was mostly the backup before you got to the freeway itself. It would take a huge number of red lights to get through.

Anyhow, that, alone, isn’t enough. But other condos/homes we stayed at had nicer drives, traffic wise, even if they might have been longer.

Thanks. forewarned is forearmed.

When is your upcoming trip?

Four bedroom minimum.

Three adults - my sister needs her own room.
Four daughters. I’ll probably put the two teens together and then my mom and I can each take one of the little ones into our rooms.

There are a nice handful up and down 27.
But the threshold seems to be around $1200.

You probably would have more options if it were further out. I’m finding some really nice options, but the really nice ones are definitely beyond that $1200 price.

Here are a couple I found, although I’m not sure what your overall criteria might be.

Both of these came in close to $1000 (just over) for the time period you specified.

Thank you for your suggestions!!!

I’ve only been looking since May. I could only start for real once I was sure we could get airfare in our budget.

I have seen both those houses. I wish they didn’t have the theming they have.

At this point I’m actually hoping to get a “late” deal the end of August.

My budget is tighter than usual and was complicated by late commitment.

You gotta admit, though…that Harry Potter room is pretty cool, whether you like Harry Potter or not!

I’m sure you’ll find something. I was merely finding the top choices in that date range close to $1000 that I’d prefer. Like, having a game room and a private pool. If those aren’t important to you, there are more options for sure.

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Exactly. I don’t mind a game room and pool. But they aren’t necessary for this trip. Just like I don’t need baby gear anymore.
We aren’t Potter or Spongebob folks. The princess room would rock.

We loved Wyndham Bonnet Creek for our 1st offsite stay. It is technically on disney property so we still felt in the bubble (but no Disney resort perks). Lots of pools and food.

Yes - for everything for the 5 of us, even food! I do think he just threw a random number at me though! He needs a good month or two to recover from a WDW vacation before he can begin planning for next year. Not me! I want to jump right into the planning again - lol. He will come around though! I texted him the link to that house in Solara and he’s a bit more open to planning now;)

Thanks for your review! I am finding that Windsor Hills may not be worth the hype! They are pricier than what I am looking for as well. DD11 is the one who will be most sad about staying off site, so she is helping me plan. She absolutely wants theming too!

Yes! I have seen so many 15-16 ppl homes to rent and find myself thinking of who else may want to go to split the cost with!