Best Non-Simulator Thrill Rides

We are planning one UOR day for our trip in May 2020. I am a thrill seeker but get severe motion sickness on simulator rides. I have done FJ and will never do it again - it made me very ill. However, I did fine on Gringotts. I love roller coasters and they don’t make me sick.

With that in mind, other than WWoHP, what rides should we plan to experience? What are the best non-simulator thrill rides in UOR, including IoA? Here is my list so far (will update with suggestions that sound good - I will also include non-thrill rides that are fun for adults):

  • Gringotts
  • Hagrid’s Motorbike
  • Hogwarts Express
  • Flight of the Hippogriff
  • Jurassic World
  • RRR
  • The Mummy
  • Dr. Doom

Thanks in advance!

You missed The Mummy! It is amazing!

Will you go on RRR and the Hulk?


I didn’t realize the Mummy was at UOR! I have been at USH and loved it. Definitely adding to the list. I think I will try RRR this time. I did Hulk last time and it was fun, but still recovering from nausea from FJ it made my head hurt. If I have time I may try it again.

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I’d definitely recommend all the water rides. BEWARE - you will get soaked! This is not hyperbole. I’ve been on a lot of water ride / log flumes and usually only get sprayed. USF goes out of their way to ensure you get hosed.

The Mummy is one of my all time favorite rides. RRR is pretty smooth for a fast coaster. My DW suffers from strong motion sickness and she was able to do this once and was ok. She only wanted to do it once though to not press her luck.

I HATE heights, but my teen begged me to do Dr. Doom. I loved it and did it more than anything else on the last trip. I got off & right back on with no wait! It’s soo much fun!


I would love them other than the getting soaked part! And being so far from our WDW hotel it will be even less appealing than a wet ride at Disney. Is there one in particular you would recommend more than the others?

Dr. Doom looks fun! Added to the list. (ToT occasionally tops my favorite ride list - free fall is my favorite thrill ride sensation.)

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If I was only going to pick one water ride, other than JP - it only “sprays / splatters” you with water, it would be Dudley Do Right’s Rip Saw Falls. It has great drops and a fun story. It does get you wetter than any other log flume ride I’ve been on.

Popeye is just an excuse to get soaked. It’s fun, but if you don’t want that experience you should skip this one.

Oh! It’s not a “thrill” ride, but I enjoy Poseidon’s Adventure. Think “Jungle Cruise” meets stunt show. It’s a walk-through attraction

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I agree with the previous poster that Poseidon’s Adventure is great. It’s a unique attraction.

I disagree, however, on Dudley Do Right … I hated that one. I went on it for the first (and only) time 17 years ago and have not been back on since. I felt like I was going to fall out of the log at one point during the final drop.

I love the Popeye Bilge Barges ride, but yes, you get soaked. Jurrasic Park is fun and I would recommend it. How wet you get depends on where you are sitting and the amount of splash.


I have seen the UOR water rides classified as follows: Jurassic Park = “splashed”, Dudley Do-Right = “wet”, Popeye and Bluto’s = “soaked”.


That seems quite accurate based on my experience. Although, when we did Bluto’s, not ALL of us ended up soaked. I’d say MOSTLY soaked. A few riders were lucky and avoided FULLY soaked. I wouldn’t count on that, however!

I also agree with the assessment of The Mummy. It is one of my favorites at Universal. I love the combo: half dark ride, half coaster.


If FJ is off the list and you already like Gringotts, Mummy is the next best, IMO. And I have never gotten more than splashed on Jurassic Park. Do that one at night if you can. It’s so much more eerie.


Especially when the dinosaur comes and eats whoever is in the front row. Err, I mean…uh…I suggest avoiding sitting in the very front row.