Best month to visit

Thinking about early March next year… is this a good time, weather wise to visit?

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If you go on YouTube and look up flower and garden festival, you can get an idea about the weather. It looked great to me. Early to mid May was too warm for me, especially since we were having a cold spell at home, so I was not primed for the heat at all!

We went in early March this year and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! It didn’t rain on us once and the whole day was lovely.

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Warm enough for shorts and the pool though, right?

Even the first week of Feb was in the mid to upper 70s and perfect weather. We were also there in late March with low 80s and all sun.

Feb and March are mostly perfect, but can get to be sweatshirt weather in the early mornings and at night. The resort pools are heated in the cool months. We did spend about 5 hours at Stormalong Bay in March and it was actually unbearably hot just sitting in the sun. People told us it could go into the 40s-50s in Feb, but we never got much below mid-60s at night.

Out of all the months I’ve been there, March was the best weather in our experience.

We went March this year. Highs in the lower 60s and rainy most of the week. Definitely not pool weather. But we have been in March before and it was gorgeous…

Winter months can be cool, particularly at night…but might be perfect.

Spring months can be perfect, or rainy, or hot.

Summer months are a furnace with a built in humidifier.

Fall months are perfect, except for the risk of hurricanes, etc, plus can still be hot.

Basically, every season in Florida has potential to be good or bad weather.


A few years back, we went Presidents’ week and the weather was perfect in high 70s. Just returned from a trip May 4-10th and the heat and humidity, although predicted, surprised us. I kept saying, “It’s early May!” …1to 5pm was the dreaded time when all you want to do is chill inside and so does everyone else. And of course, don’t forget the sudden thunderstorms that come out from no where!

You bet! They keep the pools heated throughout the year.

I was there in late February this year (caught the end of Festival of the Arts) and I was not cold on days when I did Blizzard Beach in my bikini.

If you do March you have to do it in the first week or else you start hitting spring break crowds.

On March 4th of 2016 my wife and oldest daughter (five at the time) went to MK, didn’t get into the park until about 9:30, didn’t have any fast passes and were able to knock out over 22 or 23 rides and events. About the only thing we didn’t do was Jungle Cruise, I didn’t do Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear was taking forever so we left that line. But we pretty much did everything else.

The weather was great but it was chilly at night. The pools at Art of Animation might be heated but itw was still chilly. However, the Cars pool at Art of Animation is so small that it was warmer than any of the others.

We’re taking the whole family this September and hopefully will have the same success.

This September is a whole other ball flame unfortunately with the opening of SWGE.

Meh, other than HS I don’ t think the other parks are going to be all that bad.