Best Longhouse for Standard View Room at Polynesian

We are staying at the Polynesian in a standard view room. Which is the best overall Longhouse to stay in for this type of room? We are going at the beginning of February. We are looking for a balance between location (not too far from monorail/restaurants) and a decent view.

Thanks in advance!

We just left and LOVED being in Fiji

Anyone know which buildings are DVC?

I just link it on the other thread but it is Here

You are awesome! Thank you!

We stayed in Tokelau and loved it (DVC). You can watch the fireworks in your pjs from the staircase on the end of the building closest to the lake. Close to the Oasis pool also.

If you are DVC, make your request directly with them. Room fax does not get to the right folks.

We’re renting DVC points, so we’re not members. What is the best way to request room? We’re first timers, so don’t know how to do anything :smirk:

Who are you renting from? I don’t know if they might be able to help… I have never rented before, so I don’t know how that works. I would start there.

A friend of a friend, lol.

Reviving this old thread because I have the same question! I am booked at a standard room for August. Should I make a room reservation? For which room? I’ve had mixed luck at other hotels not requesting a room or checking in and then getting an upgrade but the way the poly is laid out, that doesn’t seem likely. Thoughts? What was everyone’s experience?

I found the view finder really helpful and when I was choosing which room to request. We ended up staying in Fiji and loved it. Great view for a standard room! But if your goal is to be close to the TTC then Fiji won’t be the best choice for you. Really depends on what you are looking for. Room request worked well for us at the Poly so I plan to use it again.

I always request a balcony. I have always had a great room.

I think part of my problem is that I don’t know what I want. I would be ok with patio or balcony, but need one of those. I’d like more than a parking lot view but don’t have high hopes because it is a standard view room. Not sure how important proximity to ttc/monorail/ferry/main lobby will be. I’m there for one week, myself, husband and 2 young kids. But it doesn’t look like a huge resort to begin with.
Suggestions based on my vague needs? Haha :confused:

Your not staying DVC right? Honestly I do not think there are any standard (garden) view non-DVC rooms that have parking lot views? I have stayed in Aotearoa twice. My two standard view rooms (3rd floor- I need a balcony) had these views:


These are of our standard view room on the 3rd floor of Fiji. We loved it.