Best late arrival plans

We are arriving on Wed., Nov 11th at around 2:30 pm. There are 7 of us (3 adults and 4 kids aged 5-13). We aren’t sure what to do on this day when we get there. Suggestions for this day would be greatly appreciated!!!

Last few yrs, we’ve gone down for Halloween Party on arrival day - you can’t get in til 4 PM and it costs less than a full park day admission.

I think of it as “40% off park admission, from 4 to midnight!”

Not sure if Christmas party is going on your arrival day, but if so, might be an option.

Where are you staying ?

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If there is a Christmas party, I might go to that. Or you could stay at the resort, maybe doing a drawing class, since it isn’t available at DHS anymore. You could go to DTD and explore - and have dinner. Depending on the length of your stay, and what tickets you already have, it may be inexpensive to add an additional day, so you could go to a park that first night for little expense, which is what we did in July. On that trip, we upgraded from 5 to 7 day tickets for about $30 per ticket, if I recall correctly. Just do that AFTER you go into a park for the first time if you got discounted tickets our you will lose the discount.

Some people like to go to MK on arrival day, not matter what time they get in, as they feel it is the magical way to start their trip. Others use arrival day as a resort day, and just relax and recharge so that they can hit RD on their first full day.

To me, it depends on how long your trip is going to be. We always do a park on our arrival day, but then spend our departure day at the resort relaxing by the pool (assuming that we can get a late flight out). Food and Wine is still happening that day, so I personally would want to maximize my time there. If you don’t want to use a park admission, I like all ideas above, and I would add: resort hopping (walk over to Pop, or go to MK and use the transportation to check out the MK-area resorts); mini-golf at either of the two courses; bowling at Splitsville; go see Yee Haw Bob at POR; head to Fort Wilderness for the campfire; hang out at the Boardwalk area.

Pool, then head over to AKL to see the animals on that savanna before supper at Boma(or Mara if you prefer QS), then back to AoA for a movie under the stars.

I think all of these idea’s are great! I agree with DTD or since you could possibly get to MK by 5pm, they have magic hours till midnight and you could get some of MK done, especially since crowds start thinning out later in the evening. However, with little ones that may be too much all in one day. I would probably explore AoA, dinner at WPE in DTD and back to AoA for movie under the stars.

Movie under the stars!

Get a reservation for Trail’s End and then Chip and Dale Campfire?