Best kids QS meals

Now that kids and adult QS credits are separated on DDP, what are the best QS places you would suggest?

I have looked at many QS menus, but the choices seem to be limited to nuggets, mac n cheese and such. Are there any restaurants with a bit more adventurous choices?

My kids enjoyed both the kids meals from Satuli Canteen in AK and Pecos Bill in MK. The beef or chicken bowl at Satuli is a generous portion, but there are some other good choices on the kids menu as well. They also liked the kids beef nachos at Pecos Bill. You can fill it up with stuff from the toppings bar and it comes with two sides and a drink!

Great, thank you! Anything in Epcot?
In HS I would think Docking Bay 7 is our best bet.

Actually was just thinking about Epcot. Sunshine seasons has some unique kids meals including salmon, Mongolian beef, wraps, etc. There are also empanadas on the kids menu at the Mexican QS. At HS, my kids like Woody’s. Not as adventurous but still good :blush:. There is also a cute turkey sandwich on goldfish shaped bread at Rosies. Haven’t been since SWGE opened but we’re excited to try Docking Bay on our next trip!

Wonderful, now we are covered for all parks :grinning:

I hope Disney will improve the kids menu options though…

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BOG has some good kids meal options too for breakfast and lunch.

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A month ago we were there and my 2 older kids loved Columbia Harbor House at MK. My younger son got a skewer with shrimp on it. Kids were 13 and 11.


I wish my kids were less picky…I am worried that they will not like “those” nuggets at some of the locations. LOL :laughing:

Well that put a wrench into my finely tuned plans

What do you mean by kids and adults QS separated? Is this new?

Yes it’s new. QS credits used to be just credits that could be used for adult or kid meals, so 2 adults and 2 kids on a 5 night trip with the QS dining plan had 40 credits that could all be used for adult meals if desired. Now they have 20 adult credits and 20 kid credits. Which basically means the kids always have to order from the kids menu.

It sure did. I was told DDP is too much food. Now I worry it will not be enough food :thinking:

Oh, my kids are picky! But at least DS12 has wider variety to choose from than DD7. I may need to trade credits with her and eat those kids meals myself LOL

Does anyone know the difference between “Kids Disney Check Meals” vs. “Kids Menu”? I am revisiting my Magic Kingdom Counter Service Lunch choices. My kids would eat items on the “Kids Menu” at these places but not the items on the “Kids Disney Check Meals” list. Anybody know?

If you want to look for yourself, look at Pecos Bill or Columbia Harbour House.

I think it just means those are the healthier choices.

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These are just healthier meals. Both are kids QS credit.


Thank you Juls and eug.

We liked Backlot Express kids’ meals

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That`s not good news because kids menus are mainly nuggets etc…Thank you for informing me!

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Just another way for Disney to make more money by taking away what people have come to expect. Have you seen what is on a “kids” menu? It is junk. PB&J, nuggets, mac&cheese, hot dogs, pizza and not much more

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