Best in park snacks

We have an upcoming trip to DW in Nov. and we always get the dinning plan but struggle to use all the snack credits. This year my 10 yr old son came up with the idea of creating a snack list of must try snack items in each park. He really like snacks :smiley:. I need help planning this list, can anyone give me suggestions on best snacks in each park? They can be dessert or non-dessert items as long as they are a snack credit.

Maleficient Cone in MK!

Dole Whip - MK and AK

Cinnamon roll at Gaston’s tavern, carrot cake cookie at the Starbucks at Hollywood Studios, Darth Vader cupcake at the Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios, salted milk chocolate caramel from Karamell-Kuche and the pretzel (also in the Germany pavilion) in Epcot…it is at this point that I realize that I might have a sweet tooth.

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Magic Kingdom- dole whip float, or new Peter Pan float (lime)

Hollywood Studios- carrot cake cookie, pop tarts from woodys lunch box

Epcot- macaron ice cream sandwich or raspberry lime curd macaroon from France

Animal kingdom-frozen night blossom drink, pongu lumpia(pineapple cream cheese egg rolls)

I went to the bakery in france and used a lot of SC getting stuff to eat for breakfast.