Best Hotel for DHS Rope Drop?


We decided to book an extra night at the front of our Poly stay in May. Hoping to rope drop DHS and currently looking at Beach Club or Riviera. I’d love to hear any first hand experiences rope dropping DHS from these resorts. In 2020 we did the early breakfast at A&C to rope drop DHS so I’m familiar with the walk. Just curious if skyliner is reliable for rope drop. CBR is also an option with today’s discount it’s definitely the most affordable. But we are wanting to try the other two resorts so we are willing to splurge. Appreciate any input yall have! Thank you!!

What do you want to to rope drop, and what’s the crowd level for your day?

Walkers will beat any other modes of transport, so if you want to be sure to be right at the front of the pack (for example, to rope drop RotR or SDD on a high crowd level day), walking from Beach Club is your best option.

Not that walking is essential: you can also achieve a good RD position by using other modes of transport, including lining up for the first bus of the day 90 min before EE, skyliner, or driving to arrive right when parking lots open. From Beach Club to DHS, you could even take the Friendship Boat, but the boats don’t run super early, so the other modes of transport will likely arrive first.

If you’re rope dropping 2nd tier attractions (like ToT, RnRC, MMRR, MFSR or TSMM), I would say you can take a more leisurely approach in any case - no need to be at the front of the pack to have a good rope drop.

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Just to clarify there will not be buses from Beach Club or Riviera to DHS.

From Riviera the only Disney transport option is the Skyliner. From the Beach Club you have the boats or Skyliner. Walking would trump both, using the Skyliner would be pointless and probably detrimental.


Beach Club is walkable

Boardwalk is even closer


This will likely be the case bc this won’t be our only DHS day. We are actually planning a crazy three park day for my 10 year old’s bday! So just hitting his faves and moving on lol.

Yes, thanks for clarifying! My comments on other RD modalities were general/for any resorts, not specific to BC/Riviera.

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Thanks yall! I pulled the trigger on Beach Club! Pretty pumped to get a discount. I’ve always wanted to stay there! Thanks for your advice!


Skyliner resorts will beat bus resorts. Walkers can beat skyliner.

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