Best hotel Christmas decorations


Planning a trip this Christmas. Going to try to plan some dinners /visits to hotels that r really decked out for Christmas. Any suggestions?


I know most people say Grand Floridian but I love the Epcot area resorts: YC/BC and BW.


My vote is for the Wilderness Lodge - the massive decorated trees really look impressive in the main lodge area.


Agreed with WL. I also like AKL as well - although it isn't quite as Christmassy.


GF, WL, and AKL - but I haven't seen the BW/BC/YC area at Christmas (yet). Here's a link to a photo-blog I did a few years ago:


I vote for WL. Decorations all over.


If time allows, try to do a half day or so and tour all the resorts...we started at WL, then did the monorail resorts, and finally hopped over to see BC/YC..we had seen AKL the previous night when we were there for was a lot of fun.


so my family thinks I am mental when they want to relax at the pool and I want to go look at the resorts. To quote Sheldon "my mother had me tested" - however I do think I am still somewhat mental. I have a strong Architectural interest and think that many of the resorts are classic examples of specific styles. That merged with Christmas - what can be better. I do love the volume of the great lobbies of WDW. WL, AKL, Contemporary, GF. They just engulf you and instantly change your mood. I would rather spend time soaking in the details of the resort as compared to soaking in the chlorine at the pool


Thank u for all the replies ! I'm excited to see all the parks decorated too. I can't wait till my kids see the hotels though. I don't think they will be expecting it . Thanks again for any thing else or idead