OK, I’ve said some pretty controversial stuff on these forums. But this is a biggie.

I’m not really all that into fireworks. I don’t know why. I’m just not. (Maybe it’s because my dog hates them.)

But I love, love, love projections. And nice music to go with them.

Is there a genius spot to watch the HEA projections — decent view, low crowds — if I don’t really care about being able to see the fireworks?

Plaza Garden Dessert Party viewing area.


Sadly, these two phrases are mutually exclusive. The answer to the first phrase is on MS, as close to the hub as possible. But the only way to also meet the second condition is probably to cough up whatever they’re charging these days for the dessert party…

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Yeah, that’s not really what I meant.

I’m wondering if there’s some side view or something with plenty of projection action, but maybe poor fireworks action.

I don’t think that’s the way it works. You can see the fireworks from anywhere but for the projections you really need to be front and centre. No way round it.

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I’m not sure if there’s a spot quite like what you’re wanting. Getting a good view of the projections is much more limiting than fireworks. You really have to be front and center. I prefer the projections, too, and the best spot I have found is the hump at the end of Main Street (not the hub!) I have tried getting closer and farther, to the side. All were bad because I couldn’t see over people. The hump is crowded, yes, but it’s not the worst. You don’t have to camp out to get a spot or anything.

Not sure if this helps but I have found it to be spot on -

Is sitting on walt’s shoulders allowed?

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There are times when the projections and the pyro work together, spacially, so being somewhat centered is important, I think. I think the effect would be less if viewed from areas extremely off to one side or the other. I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but just wanted to say there were some really neat things that happen. We watched from Plaza Garden Dessert Party area, and it was great!

Why do I just get a visual of people climbing on top of the Walt statue like one of those balancing chair acts. :rofl:


I don’t think so except right up on the castle’s edge?

The one time we were up close some of the fireworks were not visible.

Does that help?

Can I slightly hijack this thread to ask how Once Upon a Time fits in with HEA? It’s showing up in my plan as 45 minutes after HEA. I thought that HEA was the fireworks and OuaT was the projections. But don’t the projections happen first? I am of the opposite view of @mousematt and only really need the fireworks!

HEA is projections and fireworks, OuaT is different projections.

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Thanks! Is is immediately after HEA?

I don’t remember exactly where he was, but I think @Randall1028 got really close to the castle not too far before the show. I think the fireworks were obscured, but you said that doesn’t matter.

Probably will be crazy crowded though and run the risk of someone putting a kid on their shoulders in front of you.

It varies, I think when we were there HEA was 9 and OuaT was 9.45. I forgot about it to be honest so we never actually saw it.