Best Granola/Snack Bars for kids while touring?

Suggestions for granola/snack/cliff-type bars for kids that contain a modest amount of protein? Looking for viable backpack snacks to bring with…nuts are OK…I haven’t found any great ones yet.

I like the Kashi fruit bars, especially at Disney since they aren’t chocolate so less likely to melt everywhere. They have some of the lowest sugar I can find and I think the fiber/protein fills you up pretty well.

KIND bars are really good. They have all kinds of flavor options and they hold up well to being buried in backpacks. One of the few bars that I can get my two youngest kids to eat.


Those hardly have any protein.

I suggest looking in the area where they sell protein powder/bars for body-builders. They usually have the best options in terms of protein.

I’ve not found too many protein bars that actually taste good but also keep you full, however. :slight_smile: I have tried the Clif type bars (Aldi sells their version, called Elevate). I mean, they work in a pinch, but not really enjoyable.

KIND bars are an option. Protein content isn’t as high as others, though.

You might try trail mix, instead. There are many kinds, so you can pick what you prefer. Easy to distribute using snack-sized ziploc bags, etc.

I’m rather partial to the Clif bars. Brownie and the Coconut Chocolate Chip are my favorites.

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I like Lara bars, they are made from dates. 4-5 grams of proteins from the nuts. Sugar is from dates. I think my favorite is chocolate hazelnut, pecan pie, and mint chocolate brownie. Oh and cashew cookie. There are at least 10 more flavors.

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Kashi go-lean has 8 grams of protein, I think that KIND only has 3 or 4,

For the OP - I would say that if you just want something for the kids either KIND or Kashi would work, but they both have different types - so you can take a look at the protein, fiber & sugar. That is really the killer in them even if they have a decent amount of protein in them

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The one’s @melcort10 specifically linked were only 3 grams.

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Thanks, all. We’ll sample these leading up to our trip!

Put an insulated lunch bag in your backpack to keep things from melting. You can throw in a small bag of ice if needed. I keep our sunscreen and lip balm in it too.
Added bonus is I can bring cupcakes and other treats back to our room for an evening snack without them melting. :slight_smile:

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