Best Eggs Benedict at WDW?


Ok, so: my husband is crazy about eggs Benedict, and since they are not common where we live (Brazil), he is really looking forward to eating that at WDW! The problem is, all my ADR’s are for restaurants that do not have eggs Benny (Boma, Tusker House, Crystal Palace and Akershus).

Do any of you know where can I find the best eggs benedict at WDW?

thank you so much! <3

The Wave at the Contemporary has them on their breakfast buffet. I think this is one of the most underrated restaurants on property. It’s also home to sweet potato pancakes. I highly recommend you try it.

Kona has a version on top of their hash I think?

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Hands down Lobster Eggs Bene at CaliGrill brunch

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I posted and then remembered your picture! I was coming back to say that you posted the most amazing eggs Benedict !

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that picture is amazing!!

Cool, good to know I have 2 options at the contemporary! I’ll let him choose which he would prefer!

Thanks so much!

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