Best driving route from CBR to DHS

We’re staying at CBR in about a month, driving our car so I was planning on driving to DHS on our 2nd day (a Monday). My question is, is it practical to use Buena Vista Drive and go in the smaller entrance? Or does traffic back up too badly there? We planned on getting there at 8:30 for park opening at 9.

Google Maps is showing some crazy paths to get there, so I was just curious if anyone else had done that.


I can’t really answer your question, but we drove our entire trip last year and honestly we just followed the signs each day and never had any major backups. If you’re going early it’s likely not going to be an issue.

Unless you’re coming from I-4, it is a PITA to get to anything but the smaller entrance. The only backups we’ve had have been when there’s a special event going on (SWW, trying to get to Osborne Lights on a Saturday night, first weekend of Frozen Summer Fun). If you’re concerned, add an additional 5 minutes to your travel time. It shouldn’t take longer than that to get through on a typical day, though.

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Both good to know! Thanks for the replies!

If you’re there pre rope drop, then the backup won’t be too bad. Once you make the turn off of Buena Vista, then if there’s a line of cars move into the right lane. That’s where the Disney buses are and they eventually work their way out of line to go through their own entrance lane, meaning you’ll move up 2-3 car lengths ahead of the people in the left lane.

Great info! This will be our first time using our car, so really trying to plan ahead for any gotchas. Thanks!