Best Disney Rain Ponchos

Going to WDW in early May. Want to buy cute Disney rain ponchos for adult daughter and me. There are a few on Amazon. Does anyone have other suggested sites to purchase them or should I wait until I get to parks?

The rain ponchos that Disney sells are cheap clear plastic for I believe about $8. You are much better off to buy one before you get to WDW. Try a Frogg or the like. They will last a lot longer than Disney’s and they are also very light to carry around. Hope this helps. Have a magical time. :grin:

The Disney ones are decent quality, but they have permanent snaps so they’re very hard to fold up and reuse and they are really pricey. I thought I remembered paying more than $8 for ours.

I must have seen different one’s than you as people were purchasing them from Disney at WDW when it started raining like crazy in Pandora. They were cheap pieces of junk. Clear plastic with a Disney symbol. I will go as far as to say I was kind of guessing at the price but most people only bought them because they did not have rain gear with them. I seen a number of children rip them on various rides so I for one was not impressed. My opinion of coarse for what it is worth. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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We love the Totes brand. Solid and reusable, we use them every trip. They have them in multiple colors for kids and adults.

We bought the more substantial, heavier ponchos from Disney a number of years ago. Yes, they were durable, but they were also hot, heavy, hard to carry around, and they had a funny odor which never went away. I guess this is not very environment-friendly, but now we order a case of the cheap ones from Amazon before our trip, which all come in a little pocket pouch. We each carry one around with us, and if we need to use them, they easily fold up and fit back in the pouch. We haven’t had much trouble with them tearing. Then, when we get back to the resort, we just pitch the used ones and start out the next day with a fresh one.

good idea if you get them for the right price. I and my wife bought Frogg rain suits with pants and jacket. They are paper thin and breathable. Don’t use the pants very often but use the jacket quite a bit on our trips to WDW. I think they cost us about $20. :roll_eyes:

I would recommend the coleman ones from the camping department at Wal-mart. They’re resistant and have a nice lengthy hood that helps cover your face a bit more.
Also, I’d like to note that the Diseny ones, although a bit more flimsy, will be replaced at any counter no questions asked. If it tore, they give you a new one!

Remember …Disney ponchos come with a lifetime guarantee if they tear or have some other problem. Big plus in my book!

I must admit that this is something about Disney ponchos I didn’t know. Your saying that even if you take them home and use them and one gets torn, you can bring it back to a Disney outlet and they will replace it free of charge. I have never seen it done but you can bet next time I am at WDW I am going to give it a shot. :roll_eyes:

So this isn’t very environmentally conscious of me, but we usually buy the $2 ones from Target or Walmart and throw them away after we use them. No matter how much we have spent on a poncho, it seems like it always smells funny after one good rain (probably because it never dries!).

If I’m worried about looking more presentable, I usually wear my rain jacket / pullover that I wear for golf. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Our family is going in May also. I didn’t think the average rain fall looked high for May. Are you getting the ponchos for rain or rides? Just curious if I missed something re weather!

I always bring the ponchos on the trip no matter what time of year. Then in the morning I evaluate the forecast and decide if it’s worth it to throw it in the day bag or not.

You have to exchange it in a park (or at World of Disney at DS I suppose), not at just any Disney outlet. And sometimes they ask for a receipt, though they never used to.

I never use them at home, BUT yes that would probably work. I did it last year and I got a new one no questions asked. Let’s keep it to ourselves though -otherwise Disney will take it away …due to guest demand. :joy: