Best Disney Guidebook for Kids?

Hi all! What is your favorite WDW guidebook aimed at kids? I’m planning to pick one or two up for DS7 and DD4.

I just bought the official Birnbaum’s one. It’s a good overview, and not too long. The only negatives were that the fright-factor warnings made my then-6 year old hesitant to try some things I knew he’d love, and the way they’re overwhelmingly positive about everything made it hard to convince the boys that some would be better to skip. My 10-year-old much preferred just reading the Unofficial Guide. He liked the unbiased reviews and it made him feel like he was more in-the-know.

I wish there was a simple list on a website somewhere with only the attraction name, a 1-sentence description and a nice, clear photo of people experiencing the attraction - organized by park and land of course. THAT would have been the best thing for my kids to start with. Too much information is overwhelming and seeing what the attraction looks like would really help younger ones decide. Actually, this would be a GREAT thing to have on Touring Plans, maybe as a series of blog posts. Paging @Lentesta!

For you to read or for the kids to read?

For you, my biased opinion is the Unofficial Guide to WDW with Kids. For them, Birnbaum’s or if you can wait the next edition of the Color Companion (later the fall).

We have attraction photos and summaries in the
Lines app.

Huh. I know you have summaries. I don’t remember photos. I should go back and review. Thanks @LaurelStewart.

You may have choose to display them if you turned them off earlier.

Do you mean the phone app? I haven’t ever seen any photos at all on the app! I guess I need to poke around a bit more.

I feel like I’m pretty familiar with your website, so that’s where I was thinking it would be nice to have photos more consistently. When I click through to each attraction, some of them have photos and some do not.

Ah. I found them using the app on my computer. I see that they’re the same ones as on the website. Many of the photos are very good. Sorry if I sounded critical. What you have is GREAT for adults - very detailed descriptions, good information, etc. I was just thinking that an all-in-one-place list with one photo for each would be nice to show kids. That way they can glance through the list and check off the ones they’re interested in trying.

Thanks guys. To clarify, I meant aimed at the kids–as in, for them, not for me. :slight_smile:

I bought DS7 Guide to the Magic for kids by Tim Foster for our trip last year. He really liked it and still looks through it at home.

Not sure of the kids’ ages or reading level, but I think the UG Color Companion might be enjoyed. Lots of full color pictures.

Thanks all! I ordered the UG color companion and the Birnbaum’s kid one. I’ll let you know how they go over!

Is a new color companion coming out this fall as well (2015)?

No, it only comes out every other year. Next edition is still in the planning stages.

Awesome thanks. Was trying to figure out if I should buy now or wait a couple of months!