Best Desserts?

Purchased the Disney Dining Plan, therefore will be entitled to a dessert with almost every meal. What are the must haves/tries? Where do you get these must haves? What are common swap outs?

Bonus: Anyone got any cupcake recommendations?

The red velvet cupcake at Starring Rolls was fantastic, as was the Butterfinger. There was a fantastic German chocolate cupcake at the Grand Floridian’s CS location. For desserts at sit down restaurants, I’m all about the wide array of creme brulés at the restaurants. Me Cellier has a maple one, Tony’s at MK has a pistachio one, and other restaurants have them, too.

Where will you be eating?

Yea it’s probably easier to make recommendations based on which locations you plan to eat at. There are fans of just about every restaurant around here.

But to answer your question in general I loved the warm banana fritters with trio of dipping sauces at California Grill.

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My favorite dessert was the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake at Liberty Tree Tavern. I also really liked the cobbler CS dessert at Columbia Harbour House.

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Be Our Guest (lunch), Hollywood and Vine, Park 1900 (dinner), Crystal Palace(breakfast), Chef Mickey, Akershuas (breakfast), Flametree, t-Rex, and snacking around Epcot!

  • as you can see, character dining was a focus for us this trip! :slight_smile:

For the buffets there usually is a variety of desserts. I have found that sometimes these change, but you can take one of everything and then go back for what you want more of ( isn’t that great!). For BOG I think I have tried just about everything and I am partial to the strawberry cream cheese cupcake but my last visit I had the eclair and I really enjoyed that. My answer to EP snack is always the same: go to Karamell-Kuche, start in the left side of the counter, proceed to the end, repeat :smile:

My favorite dessert in life is a brownie sundae, so I definitely like Dad’s Brownie Sundae at 50s

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Be Our Guest (lunch)[/quote]

They have my favorite cupcakes on property! My favorite is the strawberry cupcake, but I’ve also enjoyed the lemon cupcake and the “grey stuff”.

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The old Kouzzina had a pretty darned good molten lava cake. I snagged the recipe. Mine was good but not quite Cat Cora’s.

the grey stuff cupcake is great! and my favorite snack anywhere are the cinnamon glazed pecans - you can grab some near the Land pavillion

At breakfast at Crystal Palace, make some room for Pooh Puffed French toast and strawberry sauce - it’s really good!

And for snacking round Epcot, L’Artisan des Glaces (icecream shop in the France Pavillion) does a toasted brioche ice-cream sandwich thingy which looks amazing and gets good reviews - you choose the type of ice-cream you want in it. I’m kicking myself for forgetting about it this last trip!


Forgot to mention the Tiramisu at Tutti Italia. This was awesome!

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Can you get the Zebra Domes anywhere else besides Boma? Inside Animal Kingdom, perhaps?

Not in Animal Kingdom, but I think you can buy them packaged in a box of 4 at the Mara counter service restsurant in AKL.

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