Best day of the week to plan a rest day?

We have a 10 night stay at FWC in mid -late August with 8 park days. We always spend 2 days in each park and have a rest day smack in the middle of the park days (travel day, 4 park days, rest day, 4 more park days, travel day). Rest day would fall on Thursday. Each park’s crowd levels are about the same regardless of the day we choose to visit it. The only thing I’m actively avoiding is HS if CL is >7.
Is it better to stay out of ALL of the parks on one particular day of the week vs. another or does it not really matter (overthinking it maybe)?

Just avoid HS on the MK Halloween party days. See August last year:

Sometimes Sundays are less crowded and Mondays are more crowded. Mainly from visitors traveling over the weekend. But it seems like there wasn’t much difference in August.

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