Best day for each park

So, I think I may be splitting hairs here, but I’m trying to decide the best day to go ha and am on our upcoming 4 day trip. My options are:
Friday: WDW crowd level 4, HS 6, AK 5, no EMH
Saturday: WDW crowd level 6, HS 5, AK 5, AK Am EMH.

My first thought is AK Friday and HS Saturday. However, I’m not sure whether the Saturday morning EMH for AK would be a bigger benefit than the lower WDW crowd level for Friday.

The park specific CL’s already factor in the overall WDW CL. In fact, I think the WDW CL is just an (weighted?) average of the 4 park CL’s. So if you’re going to use EMH, I’d do HS then AK. One day is still plenty for HS on a CL6 day. If you’re not doing EMH, go the other way.

Are you planning on staying to watch the night shows at HS? Are you trying to RD AK for FOP?

It is really hard to stay up late one night and RD the next morning. If you want to watch night showsL
-Friday for AK: RD, ride a bunch of things, watch the show or not.
-Saturday for HS: because it is a smaller park, you can sleep in and start a little later. Then, you can stay up later to watch either the Star Wars show or Fantasmic and sometimes even both!


The difference between a CL 5 and 6 is not that much. I would suggest to base your decision on whether or not you want to use EMH and the specific park hours.