Best Day Ever t-shirt!

Random, but I had to share…my little boy is in young boys sizes now vs toddler sizes…and it can get a little more difficult to find cute Disney related shirts for him. I was SOOOOO excited to find this boyish looking tee at Target, it’s not a “Disney shirt” per se, but all of us Disney people and Tangled fans know the reference…I thought it was perfect for our MK day when we meet Rapunzel. We LOVE Tangled in our house and our dog’s name is even Punzie, lol! :heart_eyes:


OMG love this so much! Tangled is my favorite of the more “recent” Disney movies. Bummed that it’s only in child sizes. But I can totally get this made on CafePress!

I didn’t get the Tangled reference but still love this shirt because the words are soooo perfect for a Disney trip!

I found shirts with this saying on etsy, just ordered some for my sister’s surprise birthday trip! They’re written in the Disney font with a little Mickey head, and you can customize then.

Can you share a link please? I’d love to see what you chose…now I want a more girly one for my daughter too since I got this one for my son, lol!

I customized it with our names, and changed the color. I haven’t received them yet so I can’t speak to the actual quality of them.