Best CS lunch at Magic Kingdom?

What’s your favorite CS lunch at Magic Kingdom? We plan on grabbing lunch in the park before headed back to the resort for a nap. Suggestions? Or what to stay away from? I will probably be an early lunch (11:30-12ish).

If you can get the lunch FP for Be Our Guest, then that’s the best option, in my opinion. I also really enjoyed the food at Columbia Harbor House. The upstairs dining area is quiet, and the food is tasty. I think that’s the easiest option.

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Yup! @SallyEppcot nailed it. BOG is pretty darned tasty for a CS meal. Harbor House was our go to every time, before BOG opened. Peco Bill would be my third choice because, as @len can tell you, it’s a free salad bar with all the fixin’s.


Thanks! BOG doesn’t really interest me or my husband so Harbor House will probably be the choice! This board is the best!


The two highest-rated CS restaurants in the MK are Be Our Guest and Columbia Harbour House.


Im the odd ball out but we love caseys corn dog nuggets! Great value for what you get and they are easy to grab and go! Throw in an order of fries and some gooey fake cheese and you are set for two people!

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I’m a fan of CHH or Sleepy Hollow for a waffle.

Another fan of CHH here.

We just returned from WDW and agree with DarthDopey. Both Columbia Harbour House and Sleepy Hollow were liked by all seven people in my group. I liked them because it is not typical theme park food and tasted good. I was not willing to wait to get into Be Our Guest and did not have the opportunity to get a FastPass+ for it. We have eaten at Pecos Bills and Cosmic Rays in the past and prefer CHH and SH over them.


BOG aside, CHH is the only CS that I’ve had in the MK that I “like” (and truth be told, based on food alone, I like it better than BOG).

@egkleinmann I totally forgot about Sleepy Hollow. I’ve heard very good things about the waffles there.