Best CS in World Showcase?

Trying to make touring plans and would like to know the best Counter Service Restaurant in World Showcase for lunch? (aka not Sunshine Seasons :slight_smile: ) We already have ADR’s for Biergarten & La Cellier during our trip. Also, we’ll be there during F & W if that changes your suggestion. Thanks so much!

A good portion of the CS in World Showcase get great reviews. I’ve only really seen a negative review on China’s but all of their food seems to be hit or miss with folks. Japan, Morocco, and Germany all get great reviews. The bakery in France has a ton of sandwich and treat options including the ham and cheese croissant. The club sandwich in Norway looks awesome, though I haven’t tried it… yet lol. I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to find much food that you didn’t enjoy in that particular area.


France has great CS food

“Best” means so many different things to different people… My “favorite” is Yorkshire Fish and Chips. If I’m looking for something lighter, I’ll go to Tangerine or Katsura. I almost always eat a meal at BG, so I haven’t gotten anything other than bier from Sommerfest. But all that being said, I almost always have TS for both lunch and dinner in EP - SO many great choices and way too few meals. I like both France and Norway for a pastry snack, and if I have a candy craving, you can’t beat Karamel Kuche. You can get better and cheaper Chinese food at Panda Express

Missed the F&W part… If I was there for F&W I would probably still make a TS for dinner, but otherwise I would just snack my way around the world for lunch…

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I would absolutely snack around for F&W. If I wasn’t doing that, my choices are Katsura Grill (udon…yum!) and La Cantina de San Angel. I do like Tangierine Cafe, but our last meal there was a bit meh. It may have been because it was a slow day around 4:30, so nothing was really all that fresh.

If I was going during F&W I probably wouldn’t bother with a QS meal, but would just snack around the different booths.

That said, my favourite QS in World showcase would be tangierine cafe, Yorkshire fish & chips, or sommerfest in Germany for bratwurst.

I would also make sure I got to have a Cronut from the refreshment port - probably loaded with a truly scary amount of fat and sugar, but very tasty indeed.

La Cantina in Mexico is my fav. Beef brisket or chicken tacos come with chips and salsas are at the condiment counter. Salsas are very very good-- theres hot and mild. The meat in the tacos is pulled and extremely tender. Note- they do not come with cheese, you have to order cheese if you want it

Now I’m hungry. :slight_smile:

Fish and chips at the United Kingdom is a must do for us every time. Just can’t seem to stay away. :slight_smile:

Try the lamb schwarma in Morocco. It is delicious! It was honestly the best meal we had on our last trip.

Japan, France , or Mexico for us.

Love the french bakery. You can get champagne with your sandwich and dessert! What’s not to love.

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Check out the Food & Wine menus when they’re released and listen to what people like when they return. I’d then make a list of food and beverages I want to sample, then try a couple of those whenever meal time comes. Had a lot of fun snacking around the Flower & Garden Festival this way the last two years. The other counter service places are always around, so I’d lean toward trying things that are only available during Food & Wine.

Tangerine Café is our go to in WS for QS