Best Crescent Lake QS?

On our arrival day, Friday 11/26, we should get to Yacht Club around 11ish on ME. No park pass that day and will be hanging around Crescent Lake checking out Christmas decorations for a while. I’m thinking we will pickup QS lunch on the earlier side 11:30ish. Any suggestions? We will probably eat outside, maybe near the playground at Boardwalk Inn so 3yo can run off energy after the plane ride and ME.

Sidenote- I have Celiac so need gluten free, but fairly certain I can make that happen anywhere in WDW.

Big River right at BWI will do take out orders. Order from the bartender. The Cobb salad was huge and very tasty.

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And you have Skyliner, with access to four other resorts and their food.

Yup! I’m excited about that. We have ADR for dinner at Sebastians that night.

My go-to recommendation is the Pizza Window, but if you’re gluten free you will probably need to go somewhere else! (Or go to two places.)

Thanks! That looks nice and easy for kids and hub. I’ll look for something nearby!

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I recommend doing mobile order in the morning for a return time when you expect to be there. You can always cancel if you don’t get there in time.

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