Best cooling towel?

Not thrilled with frogg toggs... don't get cool enough for us. Feels like a thick towel around our necks and makes me hotter. What are others' favorite cooling towels?

Bump for an answer? Does that work here?

Most cooling towels work by evaporation. So in high humidity - i.e. Florida during the summer - nothing is going to work particularly well. What I've done is cut my Frogg togg lengthwise into 3 parts, and freeze them, then put one on at time, and refill the bag I store them in with ice from CS to keep the other two pieces cool and switch out..


We use the EnduraCool towel, and I was astonished by how well it works.

I'm very "low-tech" and use a method I learned form 8 years of caddying. In the summer I wear a plain old fashioned cotton bandana on my head (with or without a ball cap). When I get hot I get it nice and wet at any available sink and put it back on. As long as my head stays cool, the rest of me is happy. On the rare day ehrn this isn't enough, I take my t-shirt off, get it soaking wet, and then put it back on. Also helps wash the sweat out...

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yeah.. they dont work well in Florida

Wow.. for high humidity that doesn't work well for me. I want to be dry.. lol But, that moisture wicking fabric clothes have really helped and its pretty much all I wear.