Best clothes for August in WDW

Does anyone have specific suggestions for clothes that have been cooler and more comfortable in the summer heat in Disney? I’ve been looking at various athletic/cooling/sun protection/moisture wicking type clothes and my head is starting to spin from all the options. I would love to hear if you found something that has worked well for you. I burn easily and know it will be super hot and humid. But the options and price ranges are a bit overwhelming. Thanks!

I buy all my WDW clothes at Mountain Warehouse, which does operate in the US.

I find their clothes to be cheap, good quality and highly effective. Their pricing is crazy — they’re always having sales and everything is always discounted. If you’re going to buy a lot, it can be worth buying just one thing first. They usually give you a discount voucher for your next purchase, which you can then use for the rest of your shop.

I wear the Aero Mens Short Sleeve Top It’s super lightweight and wicks away sweat very effectively. It doesn’t have an SPF rating. They do have t-shirts that do, but I found them to be heavier and I much prefer the lighter material of the Aero.

I’ve never had any sunburn issues at WDW. I use Neutrogena Wet Skin which I apply at the beginning of the day. I don’t reapply.

An important part of my sun protection is my Tilly T3 hat. It protects my face and neck, as well as keeping me dry(er) when it rains. The rim absorbs sweat.

This combo has worked very well in August and June and I will be wearing it all again this July.

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When I liked on the link above, it came up immediately with a 10% off voucher when it redirected me to the U.K. site.

And the prices are reduced too, the top @mousematt mentioned was down from $27.99 to $12.99. And 20% off everything this weekend on the US site.

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Thanks! I ordered the Aero shirt and a couple others that I found. Great prices!

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Thanks for the info. I just ordered a bunch of stuff and it was relatively cheap. Can’t wait to get my merchandise…

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I really like wearing athletic skorts in Florida heat. I didn’t have any sun protection clothing, just cotton tees, baseball hat and sunglasses. If you burn easily, remember to re-apply sunscreen (maybe set an alarm on your watch or phone) and stay hydrated. I ended up doing laundry more often than planned as I had packed minimally but we ended up wanting to change out of our day clothes before going out again in the evening due to the sticky weather.


Agreed! No Cape wearing in August at WDW.

Exactly! Capes are for nighttime adventures!

This is a “guy” perspective…

The short and “most correct” answer to the OP is “none”, unless you count sun screen as an accessory. But the CMs seem to have issues with this solution… :slight_smile:

But seriously… I live in FL, and I just plain refuse to go to WDW in the summer, but I have to deal with the summer weather every day for 4-5 months. Natural fibers. Cotton is the key; avoid polyester, and who in their right mind would wear wool in FL in the summer (or even the winter for that sake). Linen might be OK, but I don’t own any, so I can’t comment on that. Many people swear by Under Armor (which is not cotton). Personally, I’m not sold on it, and I can buy half a dozen or more comfy tee shirts for the price of one UA shirt. And for 4 or 5 bucks a piece, if they get too grody, I can just toss them.

Although I know that many consider it “poor taste”, except for work, church, and the occasional “special occasion” I live in light weight cotton muscle shirts or tank tops from Memorial Day to Labor Day - and frequently earlier/later than that. If I’m dining at a WDW signature restaurant I wear a polo or light weight button-down shirt.

Shorts are the only way to go; I’m allowed to wear them for work, so church is about the only time I don’t wear them. I couldn’t live without cargo shorts at WDW; I usually choose a light weight cotton whenever possible, although I have also been known to tour in board shorts or light weight utility kilts.

There are so many variables when it comes to feet, I can’t really make recommendations. Personally, Keens work best for me.

I have to echo the idea of changing between day time and night time, if you’re going back to your resort. You will probably have sweat through most of what you’re wearing before you even get to a park; with the constant sweating and evaporating, clothes kind of build up a salt crust, frequently where you don’t want one. I will wager that no other shower, ever, will feel as good as the one you take after slogging around WDW in the 95-plus degree heat for 6 or so hours.

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I was most comfortable in work out clothes: Capri length leggings, sports bra, tank top, running shoes. Synthetic fabric I think dries faster than cotton (I hate being semi-damp) and doesn’t show sweat as much. I get most of my work out stuff at Target or Old Navy on sale. Maybe a little sportier style than some would want, but it worked for me. Only place I felt dressed too far down was at 1900 Park Fare, but I think that’s more of the fancy GF vibe in general. The times I wore jean shorts, I didn’t like feeling the backs of my legs stick to a chair, thus capri workout leggings would be my preference unless for a short outing from the hotel, like breakfast before a pool day or to HDDR. There are some cute Disney leggings on Etsy that I have my eye on for next trip (but we are going in May this time).

I did get themed Disney t-shirts, tried to pick colors that wouldn’t get dark when wet (white, neon green yellow and pink, heather purple) so pictures still looked cute and without the dreaded dark armpit sweat shadow.

August is a true beast. Props to ladies who can do sun dresses etc. all day and still look fly.

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