Best Cinnamon buns?

Hi coming from the Uk, which are the tastiest Cinnamon buns from Walmart or any other shopping place?

I assume you mean something like this…

Do you mean pre-packaged or something you’d need to cook in the oven?

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mmmm yes I mean them love them…things that you put in the oven. I know there are a few makes, I just wondered what the natives thought were the best, thanks

Just wanted to make sure you’d have an oven while visiting lol. You can get them at any grocery store including Wal-Mart. Probably the most readily available brand is Pillsbury. They can in a standard small size and a jumbo ‘grands’ size. Truly though any brand should taste about the same. They have the same sugary sweet icing packet that you squeeze out over the top of them. Recently I’ve seen some other flavors as well. Cherry and Orange, and caramel pecan.

And now I sound like a total nutter for writing an entire paragraph about packaged cinnamon rolls lol.


And don’t forget they serve giant ones at Gaston’s and Dinner plate sized ones at Kusafari lol.

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When it comes to the tube cinnamon rolls, absolutely go with Pillsbury Grands, and my preference is the cream cheese icing.


My wife and I cram the rolls into a cake pan and constantly argue over who got the middle last time and who gets it this time

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So, you don’t have any cinnamon rolls in the UK???

Places like Trader Joe’s sell them, too, and might have fewer additives than the Pillsbury version, if you care about that type of thing. But then, they are cinnamon rolls, so really, it probably doesn’t matter, lol!

Cinnabon variety by Pillsbury is by far the best for store purchase/bake your own.

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This. Retweet. Google +1. Whatever the kids say today to note agreement.


@SwensonNov2014 I found some the other week in a roll, cant remember the make, but they weren’t good. Cinnamon isn’t a big thing over here, so look forward to it when we visit.
And its like everywhere, the locals know where the best cafes are so I am hoping that you lot can guide me to the nicest ones. I love Cinnabon, and the ones that you used to get on main street. On this next trip we will have a full kitchen so it might be nice to ‘bake’ my own on some mornings.

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These are the ones that I make, and its a really good recipe and very easy.


the ones my grandmother makes

For prepackaged, the Pillsbury Grands are the best I’ve found.

I see a good business opportunity for you @Ajmills. While you are in the states buy as much cinnamon as you can carry home and open a cinnamon roll cafe in your town while using @SallyEppcot’s recipe.
Slam dunk!!!


Now you’ve got me curious…is cinnamon hard to come by in the UK or is it just that cinnamon buns aren’t “a thing” over there?

You can get them but cinnamon is not such a big thing over here. Sadly.

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They have a counter service Cinnabon at Universal as well, in case you’re visiting Mr. Potter.