Best Character Meet & Greets

Want to do one character meet at each park. Planning on Minnie and Mickey at Town Square in MK already. What others are good? I have Disney Visa character spot access too.

We ended up doing a ton because DS2 was really into them and I had some free time so I met some princesses. I’ll give you my top 2 per park.
Mickey & Minnie in Town Square is so great. Their celebration outfits are adorable.
My favorite princess meet is Ariel in MK. I don’t know if they always do this, but they had me enter after the previous guests exited, so it felt like a really unrushed interaction.
The Mickey/Minnie/Goofy character spot is nice, because you interact with each character individually so it’s a 3 for 1 as far as the line goes.
I also met Belle and Aurora in France. They alternate every 30 minutes but they each have their own queue, so I waited from 12:55 to 1:20 to meet Belle and moved to Aurora’s line. I was 2nd so I waited until 1:33 to meet her. So that’s a nice way to do the lines too.
We only met Mickey & Minnie here. This was previously the only place to get them together in the same photo.
To pick a 2nd, even though I didn’t get to meet them, Chip & Dale in dino costumes sounds adorable!
Pluto is our favorite, so we met him outside Launch Bay. The Disney Jr people also meet there, but we didn’t meet them. It rained that day, so none of the TSL characters were out. And somehow I completely missed the wandering storm troopers, but DH saw them and he said they were cool.

Here are my favorites per park:
MK - Gaston and Merida - Gaston was so entertaining
HS - Kylo Ren
EP - Joy and Sadness
AK - Raffiki was our favorite. I don’t think that meet and greet exists anymore. Our second favorite was Mickey and Minnie is their Safari outfits.

AK: Russell and Dug
MK: Gaston
Epcot: Joy and Sadness. We were there before Wreck it Ralph, but my kids would want to see him
HS: Chewbacca and Kylo Ren. Again this was before Edna and Monsters Inc, which we would want to see as well.

MK: Merida, Peter Pan (he is hilarious!)
AK: I always like meeting Baloo and King Louie, although they aren’t very exciting.
Epcot: While Elsa is a snore, Anna is amazing. Worth the 30 minutes we waited.

Anna is my favorite. She is a delight! Elsa is boring, dare I even say, a bit cold. :wink:


We met so many characters last trip. My kids (7 and 4 at the time) absolutely loved getting autographs. Here are my favourites:

Elena - my kids love the show Elena, so it was exciting to see them excited!

Russell and Dug

Joy and Sadness
Elsa & Anna

We missed HS last trip so I can’t comment there.

We liked:


Character Spot (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy)

Adventurer’s Outpost (Mickey & Minnie together!)

We did Mickey & Minnie and Olaf - both were fine but we’ll probably skip next time.

I have always found Chip & Dale to be hilarious. They are very playful. But I am not sure where they consistently meet anymore. I have pics of them in Frontierland at MK in maybe 2013 and somewhere in Epcot from like 2002.