Best Chance for RothR Disneyland: CL 8 or CL 4 MM/EMH, no access?

Going to be in Walnut CA and will be going to DLR for one day, my options are Monday Feb 10 (CL 8) or Tuesday Feb 11 (CL 4, but with early entry for which I am not qualified) so my question is: Which day would be the most likely I’d be able to get into a BG for RotR?

I’d love to go on Tues to enjoy the lower CL, but I don’t know how much EE affects the ability for non-EE people to get obtain a BG, as it hasn’t been added to the RotR thread yet (or at least, if so, I didn’t see it).


edited to add: If I go on Tuesday, should I arrive an hour before EE? Or is getting there at EE start (so an hour before official opening) going to be sufficient?

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As long as you are in the park before 8:00 AM (or 9:00 AM if that is the park opening time that day), it shouldn’t be an issue to go on the EE day. No one can get a BG until the official opening of the park so EE folks don’t have an advantage other than that they for sure are in the park when that time comes.

Be sure to allow plenty of time to park and get to the gates. We got caught in a huge backup at the parking garage but it was a Sunday and the second weekend the ride was open. So a Tuesday this many weeks out will probably not be nearly as bad. Good luck!


Thank you!!

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