Best Buildings - Deluxe and DVC Resorts

Time for Round Two of your guesses and commentary! Quite a few Deluxe and DVC resorts are either just one building (Bay Lake Tower, for example) or ALL different buildings (Copper Creek Cabins), so I’ll provide the lists of resorts that I was actually able to get results for. You tell me which building you think is best, and we can all discuss :slight_smile:

Deluxe (in increasing order of OOP cost): AKL Jambo, Contemporary, Polynesian, Grand Floridian
DVC: BoardWalk Villas, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, Polynesian, AKL - Kidani

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Polynesian: Fiji (I would say Hawaii or Samoa but I bet there are complaints about noise level in these two)
Poly DVC: Tokelau (again, I would go with Moorea for Lake view but I’m betting noise brings down the satisfaction level)

Contemporary: on the whole, BLT is the better building, or at least was when the Contemporary was “Beige Fest!” Now that the A-Frame is getting overhauled, maybe the A-Frame comes back swinging?

Poly: I’d say probably the DVC building, Moorea, right? Lake View and close to TTC.

AKL: whatever is closest to Boma :smile:

SSR: I don’t know how the buildings are named, but the 2101-2436 or 1501-1836 building. THe congress park area.

OKW: Whichever one is closest to the exit :rofl:

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Remember, DVC and Deluxe are split into different categories. So the Contemporary is comparing the A-frame with the South Garden wing. And at Poly, DVC is being compared to DVC, and deluxe rooms are being compared to deluxe rooms.

I don’t understand the question. Of those you listed, Jambo, GFV and KIdani are all in one building. How can we “choose the best building”?

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I listed Grand Floridian in Deluxe - that resort has multiple buildings.

Jambo and Kidani each have distinct “trails” that are designated as separate buildings by Disney, so we can also compare those.

I’m not understanding the question either. I started to answer and then saw how others answered and those people answer differently from each other. So I think the question is clarification

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Just WAGs here, because I’ve never stayed in any of those places:

Contemporary: Tower (my dream since I was 9 years old, summer of '76)

Polynesian: Tuvalu, so you don’t have to look over those cottage thingies on the water to see the castle (really not sure of the view from Tuvalu)

Grand Floridan: Main Building (especially if they bring back the orchestra)

OH! I have stayed at one of these!
Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House: Zebra Trail! The very, very end with a view of the back and middle savannahs. Loved that place! (It was just “Animal Kingdom Lodge” when we were there in May 2001.)

I know nuhthink of the DVC resorts and am too lazy to look them up right now. I’m no help.

It’s a repeat of the question from early this week about best buildings at value and moderate resorts. Of all of the available building choices, which has the highest average satisfaction, and why? I just clarified further this time because I was able to pull results for all values and moderates, but some deluxe and DVC only have one building, so I wanted to provide the exact list of resorts that have results.

I don’t see that in the post, you just listed “Grand Floridian DVC”

edit: ohhhhh, I see now. Top line is Deluxe, bottom line is DVC.

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Where do DIsney designate these as separate buildings? I’ve never seen that anywhere.

Where did the garden wing of contemporary end up? Obviously the tower wins in that matchup, but I’m curious how it stacked up against others. I ask because we stayed there November 2019 and really liked it, but we realize that maybe not everyone would.

South Garden’s average is 4.64 - not incredibly impressive, but still better than resort-wide averages for places like Pop, Saratoga, and Coronado.

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Not terrible! Thank you for humoring my curiosity.

I predict Sago Key for GF. I’m not sure how to divide up the buildings at BWV?

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