Best Browsers and Search Engines for ADRS?

60 days is coming up soon and I’m kind of panicking. I use a MAC laptop and have Safari (don’t use much) and Firefox (my go to), which I usually use duckduckgo with. I had read somewhere to use private window/incognito to book the ADRs then I read in a thread on here someone said that private window/incognito threw the reservation system off when someone was trying to book and they had difficulty. For a Mac, which browsers are best to use? Which search engines are best to use? Is it better to use the private window or not? Will duckduckgo be ok or will it mess things up? Is google a better search engine when making ADRs? Please advise! Am I overthinking this?

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Yes you are overthinking it. I have to do mine on the app because no matter what browser or device or private/not private I use, the dates never open for me on the website.

Don’t panic. You can do this!

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I mainly use Firefox on a Mac, too. There are a few situations where I have to use Safari instead for websites to display everything properly, so if something is not working in Firefox, I’d recommend opening it in Safari to see if that fixes it. My kids’ school website is one that won’t even open in Firefox.

Oh no! That has to be incredibly frustrating. I wonder why this happens? Do you also call while you try to book through the app? Are you using a phone or tablet? I guess I could possibly also have everything set up on my ipad? Does the MDE app work on an ipad?

Yes! I have run into that, as well. I have some websites I can only from in Safari. It’s so bizarre. So I guess it would be best to have both apps ready to go.

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The app is actually really easy to use. I search for the restaurant name and then book it. The disadvantage is that you can’t have tabs open for each restaurant ready to go. But it hasn’t caused me any problems getting what I need.

I use my phone. I don’t have the app on my iPad but I assume that there is one.

Thank you!