Best books about anything Disney

I am looking for a good book to read about Disney. Something along the lines of history, imagineers, ect. What do you suggest?

@KariBelle oh so many! “Designing Disney” by John Hench, “Walt Disney - An American Original” by Bob Thomas “The Vault of Walt” Jim Korkis OH and the obvious “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World” “Dream it Do it” Marty Sklar. Those are just to mention a few - I have so many! Then I have the whole “Kingdom Keeper” series. :speak_no_evil:


If you can find copies of the Imagine ring Field Guides, those are fun. I think they are out of print now but if you find them on Amazon or EBay, don’t spend more than $10 each. I might have paid $15 new from the book store.

Love the Key to the Kingdom series by Jeff Dixon - fun novels set in the parks that are action-packed and full of Disney details/history. Disney War by James Stewart is interesting.

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

Dark side of disney is another but I have yet to read it

HI I am looking for some books for my 9 year old with a disney theme. I think I’ve read something about a series but can’t recall the name of it. Can someone share?

@iowabuzzbee Kingdom Keepers! Check em out - they might be at your local library so you can see if you approve.

Thank you!

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I found this list on buzzfeed.

Some good ones on there.

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