Best birthday experiences at MK for DD5

Yea! We will be in MK on our 4th day at WDW which just so happens to be DD 5th birthday (not really a coincidence). What are some of your best birthday suggestions in and around MK? I plan on getting her a birthday button and maybe a princess sash (DD is such a huge princess fan she wears her princess costumes to preschool). I also want either BOG or CRT for that day. This will be our day 2 at MK so I would like to schedule fun birthday stuff on this day and maybe do our heavier MK touring plan day first. Thoughts from liners?

Bibbity Bobbity boutique!

I’d suggest getting her the Birthday button at the beginning of the trip and letting her wear it all week. Disney insisted that I do this for my DD when she turned 2 during our trip. The cast members were wonderful with her and she had so much fun. As for activities is BBB out? because that would be awesome for her. BOG is cool especially if she is a big fan of B&B. CRT would be cool depending if she is a bigger fan of the other princess’, but keep in mind you could probably do BBB and BOG for the same price you’ll be spending at CRT.

Enchanted tales with Belle - fastpass it to make sure you don’t have to wait for ages.

When is your trip? More than 180 days clearly, but winter, spring? Tiana riverboat thingy could be fun for a princess fan.

Meet and greet with Mickey to start the day would be cute. Maybe keep the special meal a surprise and ask the CM if Mickey could tell her.

And not princess related, but get an autographed card from Tony’s - apparently you can ask for this even without a reservation.

What about a break at the GF to see Cinderella @ 2pm?

These are all great ideas! Great tip cjandandrea. We will be there the second week of Feb. so it might be a little cold? Des it ever really get cold in FL :wink:

great idea!