Best birthday dining for DS5

We have APs and we’ve been fortunate to go to Disney often, but we go cheaply (financially and calorically), packing snacks and lunches so we rarely buy food or drinks at the parks. But, its fun to splurge sometimes!

What do you recommend for a 5 yr birthday experience? We have two boys, one who is 6 and one turning 5. They’re interested in going back to Sci-fi Dine-in, which would be fine, but I’m curious if there are other experiences that they might like. If there was a restaurant experience for FOTLK, the acrobatics would be exactly the kind of thing they would love.

Food-wise, the family isn’t picky, and besides me, they’d probably all prefer standard somewhat bland fare. (Sigh)

ETA: I now see there is some kind of dining + VIP seating for FOTLK. I think my boys would not perceive these as a special connected event, but rather the show they’re familiar with and a restaurant. In all likelihood, they are horribly spoiled already… :confused:

Do they like dinosaurs? T-rex is fun for kids.

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They do! We went there for his 4th birthday, and I’m advocating to do it again, but he’s still pushing for Sci-fi.

The Tusker House is right by FOLK. You could get a cake there or something.

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I think Sci-Fi is a good choice. Not much interacting there is the downside but still a neat experience for kids.

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That package is actually pretty special. I don’t know if he would like to eat at Tiffins but the FoLK show is reserved front row followed by a semi-private special Safari (if you are doing the Tier 1 Package).

It actually does sound pretty cool! It’s tough figuring out where to spend the money, and whether the kids will enjoy the activity enough to make the cost worth it, or if I’d really be choosing it for me (because I’d personally be all over eating at Tiffin’s plus a safari!).

Another dream: a restaurant with an Aladdin-themed show. I know Orlando used to have some kind of Arabian Nights restaurant, but the Bollywood dancing in the recent Aladdin plus some of the acrobatics from the movie would be really cool, I think!

when will you be there? If not until fall or so, the epcot space restaurant may be open

Yes! That would be a winner for all of us! Unfortunately, we’ll won’t be there then! His bday is July 1. I know this means we’re way behind the game compared to most folks, but we kind of go with the flow like Crush, so if we have a couple of potential places or events we could reserve, I’m sure we’ll be able to find something we’ll have fun with. Also, DS6 is bummed he can’t be at Disney for his birthday, so if there’s a good experience available on some random day, I’m ok with calling it a surprise early bday for him. The more bday parties the better, right?

Some other ideas: the bottomless milkshakes at Plaza or WL, or the kitchen sink at Beaches and Cream, which I’ve dreamed about but never had.

Main goal: to have fun and be happy together. Secondary goal: have ice cream or other delicious treats!

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