Best bet FPP selection - feature suggestion

Okay - I guess it does, but I must be doing something wrong. I removed all FPPs and hit optimize and I thought it didn’t suggest where to add…I’ll try again



Then YES I am doing something wrong: It does not list any for my test plan

Based on your touring plan, you should try to get FastPass+ reservations for the attractions below. This is a prioritized list, and you will save the most time by getting FastPass+ for the attractions highest up the list. Try to get FastPass+ for the first attraction listed. If that is not available, get FastPass+ for the second attraction listed, etc. (Optimize to repopulate this list.)

|Group 1:|Group 2:|
| — | — |
| None| None|**

Are you going at a very quiet time? If all your waits are short it doesn’t always recommend any.

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Okay. Looks like it mostly does it. Thanks

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You could publish the link so we could take a look. Or you could send it to the webmaster. @missoverexcited always has that address at the ready

not really - is there even such a thing as quiet anymore :wink: I removed FPP and reoptimized and I have a wait of 20 minutes; one for 49 (I would think it would at least do the one for 49 - but it’s at park closing so maybe that’s why) WEIRD - my first IT job they used to call me Beta Beth :slight_smile:

NEVER MIND - STUPID USER ERROR - it does list on each attraction that would be a good candidate for FPP

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Yes - pay no attention to me - I made a boo boo

One of the problems with doing this is that the selection of your first FPP changes the potential utility of the other FPP choices, so the Optimizer would have to run multiple times to figure out a set of best selections. This is why I came up with my iterative method for using the Optimizer to help you find the best FPP choices.

Do you have this on a post-it note on your computer / iPad? Or bookmarked somehow? Or do you just have it memorised? :smile:

Just memorised. It’s fairly straightforward to remember!


I was thinking that too!

I just always smile when every so often someone says “@missoverexcited knows it” and Bam!


That’s because I spend too much time here!

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True. Although I was more imagining that it would suggest times AND FPP ride selections based on most likely availability.

So, for example, suggesting to get a FP for POTC might only really be more valuable from noon to four, but after four wait times might change enough that it makes sense to get something else.

I might end up picking a FPP for a ride when it serves no real benefit when I could have picked something else.

Anyhow, the fact that it makes an ordered recommendation is probably good enough.

Imma let you in on a secret - @missoverexcited isn’t a real person, she is just a Bot like Amazon’s Alexa. :wink:

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See - instant response. Bot.

Hey @missoverexcited - turn on my kitchen lights. :joy:


And yet for some reason I cannot commit it to memory

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No such thing

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