Best bathrooms at Universal?

@magical_jo those are the bathrooms I thought of. They are big, uncrowded, and clean.

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Yes! Always a good choice :grinning:

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Availability and spacing. Like, am I always going to be near a bathroom or is this something I’m going to have to seek out and plan for? When I find a bathroom, am I going to have to wait?

I’m sensitive about this as I got horribly, horribly sick at Epcot one night (I’m allergic to a lot of things and can only assume that I came into contact with something) and went from France to the front entrance by running from one bathroom to another. This was pre-construction and I can tell you that the bathrooms in Epcot are REALLY far away from each other. It looks like there are a lot of bathrooms at Universal, which is great.

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So i’m FINALLY going to do this topic and here’s my list, any thoughts?


  1. Diagon Alley
  2. Minion’s Cafe (if dining)
  3. Entrance Near Lockers


  1. Toon Lagoon, right of Toon Lagoon Theater
  2. Mythos (if dining)
  3. Lost Continent right of Doc Sugrue’s

Any others?


Are we talking thene or cleanliness? Both?

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Best, so a combination of all factors.

  • Foot Traffic: How busy are the restrooms?
  • Cleanliness: Is this restroom in a spot that leads to more dirt?
  • Privacy: Besides foot traffic, do the restrooms offer additional privacy?
  • Location: Is this located close to popular guest areas?
  • Age: Are these restrooms stuck in the early 90s or are they modern and well-themed?

I always found the restrooms in Diagon Alley to be some of the worst at USF.

What about VB? I’m there tomorrow. I’ll gladly look. I have my go-to places there for sure


Welp. Now I have to add these bathrooms to my touring plans Screenshot_20230919_135601_Chrome~2



IOA: SuessLand beside the backstage walkway to Studios. If these are still open, I’ve always found them deserted.

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So the reason they’re on the list is for two reasons: floor to ceiling doors for private potty time and the fact they have paper towels.

That’d be great! Of the two times i’ve been I’ve found them always clean and not crowded but let me know what you find.



That’s fair. They just feel dank and dirty even when they aren’t.

The ones we use a lot are the ones in the alleyway next to Louie’s. Nothing special but conveniently located and never busy.

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Q … Q is for Quan … Quan is for Quandary


For those who read this and thought I was a bit crazy, my favorite bathroom stop is in Seuss Landing on the backside of Green Eggs and Ham. There is a little stand that has the Q is for Quan saying on it, right near the entrance. There is a constant loop of Q is for Quan… Quan is for Quandary. :joy: There are also benches to sit on if someone in your party is taking longer than the rest. Nice little view of the lake as well. It’s always quiet and hardly one one uses them :+1:t2:


That is very close to the Zax, which is my favorite Dr. Seuss book, and is an allegory (or I believe it is) it seems.


Plus that whole area smells like cotton candy!


I did the Volcano Bay restroom tour today.

As everyone can guess they aren’t themed.

However, IMHO, if you want a clean, quiet place to “do your business” there are a pair of “Family” restrooms right next to the OhYea / OhNo slides.

They are large as well if you need that.

Also, if guests don’t make it to EPA and need lockers, the one in the back by Whakawaiwai Eats are less busy and cleaner. IMHO

(less “mystery water” in the floor at urinals)

Hope that helps!


Thanks, I’m going to suggest all the restrooms not attached to restaurants or lockers.


That’s probably the best solution!

Thanks @josephmatt