Best bag for going to disney?

I am looking for recommendations on a bag or backpack to bring to Disney. Just wanting something to store sunscreen, water, phones, that type of thing. two adults and a 9 year old. Thanks!

If you type in " park bags’ in the search bar/magnifying glass symbol, there is a great thread about bags…with pictures! Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to link it from here!

We started our August trip with me carrying a small crossover type thing…Baggi…something I can’t spell…but by day two we were bag free to avoid bag check lines. That really worked for us…we just had sunblock, phone, and autograph book. Not for everyone, I know, but since DH didn’t really want to carry my girly bag…I would have been schlepping it everywhere!! Have a great time and good luck shopping!

Here is a link to the thread that @Hi-Ho referred to.

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I am a minimalist - but I hate to be without something I might need. I used this: which is actually my every day going anywhere bag. It comes with a strap that can be adjusted for over the shoulder, cross body or - what I did is I connected some of these: and I was able to attach to my beltloops - kind of like a fanny pack - but NOT a fanny pack - a hip pack.

Security was simple since the bag opens wide. I just unzip and flash the contents - and we had to do bag check anyway because they always wanted my kid to unzip his pin trading cross body. But really the examination of my bag was about as intensive of the cross body since everything can be seen once spread open.

I could get on rides and sit, stand, move unhindered and I never set the bag down because it was literally attached at my hip. I could even access it while attached because it was to the front of me. As for water, I just carried that because I had in my bag those single serve kool-aid things.

Good luck finding the right bag for you!

I am here at the moment and researched this topic well before arriving.

As a family of four, we are using 2 SMALL backpacks. This prevents pain in shoulders for the person carrying, as a small backpack can only hold a small amount.

In each backpack, we have 2 metal insulated water bottles, 2 ponchos and sunscreen. Smaller zippered compartment contains hand sanitiser, tissues, small packet wipes, band aids and headache tablets. This is a good weight to carry, and none of us have suffered sore shoulders.

I also have a small Kipling handbag, which converts into a fanny pack. This surprisingly holds a lot for its small size. I carry my camera, GoPro, and 3 iphones (mine and 2 teen daughters)…plus any money.