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I am in the beginning stages of planning a trip in the fall. I am trying to decide which resort to stay at mostly deciding between the all star resorts. The past two trips we have stayed at POP and All Star Movies. For me the most important priorities are a refurbished room with the fold down bed like at Pop and proximity to the bus stops. With those things in mind which resort would you pick?

Thanks for any help!

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Sports is the most recently refurbed - to the rooms like at Pop & Movies - & if the buses share, Sports is picked up & dropped off first.

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Personally we don’t stay at a value other than Pop because of the skyliner. Also Pop is very small and has it’s own buses so that’s a perk. The only thing is you have to walk over to AOA for buses to Studios or Epcot if the skyliner is running.

I don’t think that’s right. Movies and Music were Popified, but they cheaped out with Sports and it just got a refresh.

I stayed at ASMovies for 3 nights the first week of January so it was a peak time. At busy times theres no bus sharing with the other all stars, only off peak times and going to Disney Springs in our experience. The renovated rooms are just like Pop where we stayed in 2019 and really like them. The folding bed/table is a game changer for space in an otherwise small room. The Fantasia pool was more then adequate for us, the big spraying water fountain was my DDs favorite part and theres a splash pad too. We also checked out the Mighty Ducks pool and it was fine and very close to our room.

We’re going to be staying in a family suite in ASMusic in June for a longer trip and can report back on how that is!

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Entire Sports resort is still currently undergoing full room refurbs with “popified” rooms replacing the older style - only 2 buildings left to go.

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Currently price is keeping me from booking POP. That’s where we stayed last time and it was great but waiting to see if any discounts become available. We stayed there before the Skyliner. Is it pretty reliable other than weather related issues. We will not have a car so Disney transportation is necessary.

I had never stayed at an All-Stars (always stayed at Pop when we booked a value), but then in the last year I somehow (unplanned) ended up staying at all 3. The rooms are pretty much the same at all now - the refurb at Sports is almost done (I stayed in a refurbed room in January). My kids liked the theming at Movies. Music was by far my least favorite, it’s really spread out and our room seemed like a really long walk. I don’t plan to stay there again. I was surprised that I actually liked the layout at Sports and it’s nice that if you do end up sharing buses Sports is first. I’m doing a one night trip this summer and we’re staying at Sports again because I was able to book it $30/night cheaper than the other All-Stars and $60/night cheaper than Pop. The Skyliner at Pop is a big plus, especially if planning a good amount of Epcot and Hollywood Studios time.

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