Best AKL Meal/other plan to see giraffes!

My daughter is a giraffe lover-would like to plan for a meal at AKL during our AK day where we’d have a shot at seeing some giraffes. Which restaurant?
Or perhaps there are other places in the resort where you can see them even if I can’t grab the perfect ADR? Thanks!

Last few trips we have went to Sanaa on AK day as you can see the animals roaming outside.

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We also ate at Sanaa last time at AK and it was worth the trip offsite. My plans for this trip is to get a rsrv and leave AK at dinner and head there before the sun sets. So is normally an early day anyways for us.

if you can’t see them from your table at Sanaa there is a viewing area outside the restaurant where you can get a great look at them. Also from the lobby of Kidani, up one level from the restaurant, there is a balcony with rocking chairs where I have watched the animals from.

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I do believe that Sanaa is the only meal where you can do this.

They do offer a quasi-qs breakfast option but otherwise lunch would be ideal, or an early dinner before the sun sets.