Best air-conditioned place for a light lunch, not on dining plan

Where is the best place to eat a light lunch with a group of 15, out of which 9 are kids? We will be eating snacks along the way, so this is mostly to combine resting a little with eating a light lunch (it’s ok if they sell heavier lunches that are easy to share, plus some of the younger ones will have their own toddler/baby food we brought). We can even bring food if there is an air-conditioned location where we can sit where it would be difficult to buy food nearby. We would probably go around 11 or 11:20. We will have a stroller, but can park it outside if needed. I was looking at Cosmic Ray’s and Pinnochio Haus, is there a better option than these?

There is an upstairs area in Columboa Harbor House.

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I would like that place, seafood isn’t very popular in my house.

If we were to bring our own food and maybe just get sides of fries or some orders of nuggets or pizza to share, etc. Is there any place where we can do that?

Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Check their menu, they probably have generic food as well.

They have some chicken nuggets and french fries. Is it a sit down restaurant where it would be frowned upon to bring outside food?

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Columbia Harbor is quick service and Skipper’s Canteen is table service. CHH has indoor seating but you can get food to go.

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Cosmic Ray’s is pretty big and informal. You could probably get away with some carried in food mixed with stuff you bought there. It’s super weird and fun in there.

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Not a fan of either, but for a group your size, Cosmic Ray’s is probably the better option.

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I would say Cosmic Rays for your situation although I love CHH too. With that many people in your group I would try to eat at an off time… so not between 12-1. I had a hard time finding a table for 4 in cosmic rays around noon when I went in Nov. Not sure if its usually like that or not but I’m sure more people will be looking for AC during that time of year. :slight_smile: