Best ages for Waterparks

What minimum ages do you think are best for the waterparks? We will have a 2.5yo, 5yo, and 7yo when we travel. Is this a fun age for the WP? If so, which one do you recommend?

They have lovely wading pools for the little ones. When my kids were toddlers we spent most of the day there. We would also take them to the lazy river w/ us.

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Any age is great for a water park. Good to have more than 1 adult with those ages as they will likely find things that they like in different areas of the park. We did the H2O glow night at Typhoon Lagoon. If they offer it again it’s a good value. It’s at night, sun is not beaming in you and the sidewalks don’t burn your feet. Good food options, character meets, and the crowds are limited. Took my 3yo granddaughter and my 2 older daughter’s (15 and 30) back in 2019. Great time.


oh my… what a good reminder! After one time of experiencing hot feet we starting wearing water shoes

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I agree that really any age is fine - as long as they can swim solo and/or are completely supervised. I’ve been a lifeguard at a water park for one summer. (Adventure River)

I’ve pulled a few little ones out of even shallow pools / small slides because parents turned away “just for a second”.

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