Best Adult Beverages and Where to get them - MK and HS

DD21 and I are taking a very quick trip to the World in May as a belated birthday trip for her. She turned 21 in February. We have two park days and hope to go to Epcot for one of them, but right now have HS booked for 5/14 and MK booked for 5/15. Trying to decide which of these we would keep and which we would try to switch to Epcot (if we can - calendar says everything booked for those days, but I had luck switching at GS in similar circumstances in April with DD18). I actually would have picked AK, but she says no. :frowning:

So … Where can you get alcoholic beverages in MK? Just TS restaurants? What’s good? We’re not planning on getting sloshed, but the trip is based on drinking (responsibly) at Disney. I want to treat her to a couple of adult beverages on each day.

HS seems to be a better bet. There’s the blue/green milk in SWGE. Also Baseline Tap House. Anything else we should plan for there?

Alcohol at MK is just at TS.

In HS I also enjoy the Orbiting Oreo at Sci-Fi (@Dreamer I believe concurs). If Dockside Diner opens back up you can also get a boozy milkshake there (at least you could in 2019). I have a thing for boozy milkshakes!

This lists some options:

As does this:


Awesome - it seems like HS is the way to go. I was thinking about Oga’s, but I doubt we’ll be able to get a reservation. :smirk:

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That’s what the reservation finder is for!


I set one. I just don’t have much confidence it will come through!

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I did not know that Ronto Roasters serves Alcohol as well!

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It looks like any MO place outside of MK has alcohol on their menu, even if it’s just beer/wine

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Dang I should get paid by them for all recommendations I’ve made for them, but they got us BOG so I love them right now!

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