Best Adr's with 9 month old

Hi all - for our trip in April, will be DH & I and our 9 mo Dd. Will be our first big trip with her. She won’t be all that interested in adr’s :blush: but they are a big part of mine and DH’s fun at WDW. What are some table service restaurants that are easy but also good and will be fun for all of us? Bkfst lunch or dinner doesn’t matter. We are staying at wilderness lodge for the first time. Thanks!

I really don’t think you can go wrong with 99% of what’s out there. Are you thinking of quieter places or it doesn’t matter?

Try to get Whispering Canyon if you don’t mind some rowdiness. JIKO is expensive but amazing. When we ate there, we saw a few families with babies there. It’s rather quiet too. Sanaa would also be a good choice.

Grand Floridian Cafe has a fantastic menu. Kona.

Spice Road Table is now taking ADR’s. Love the tapas style menu there. Food is delicious. Coral Reef is another recommendation.

Hollywood Brown Derby is fantastic too.

For some fun character pics with the baby, maybe you can try to capture a late morning 10:30-ish Tusker House ADR. you’ll get breakfast and a little lunch (when it changes over). Kinda like a two-fer.

SOOO many good places.

Cape May, Captain’s Grille, Yachtsman…

I’m no help am I? LOL

I hope it did help a smidge though. Good luck and have fun!

Disney is naturally child friendly. Any restaurant is fair game (save for V&A). Just exhibit common courtesy if the little one needs extra attention. Bring books and toys for entertainment. I don’t know if you’ve eaten out much with the little one, but I’ve found that it is easier to entertain a child while waiting for food and then feed when my food arrived than to feed the child first and then entertain when my food arrives. This isn’t to say that i might give the child a fruit pouch or gold fish (or other small snack), but to hold off on the full meal.

I’ve dined at California Grill and Citricos with an 11 mo and a 16 mo. We looked for earlier dining times, one so that we wouldn’t be out too late, but also hoping that the restaurants wouldn’t be as full. Sometimes we’ve been sat off to the side/in more secluded areas to minimize the affect on other diners in case the child was more vocal.

I’d say, pick what interests you and go for it without hesitation. Though character meals are always fun. Some restaurants are more lively, 50s prime time and whispering Canyon come to mind, Via Napoli is fairly noisy due to the layout, Biergarten is great with lively entertainment.

Went when my ds was 10 months, big extended family trip. I second the don’t feed them ahead of your food arriving, you will be trying to eat when she wants to escape. We did garden grill, CP breakfast with Winnie the pooh and LTT. Breakfast was easiest cuz there was very little waiting for food and he loved tigger (might have helped that i had him in a tigger onesie and tigger ears)

I always cringe when I hear the term “child-friendly restaurant” - IMO, the child should be restaurant-friendly, not the other way around. At any rate, putting the soapbox aside, you really shouldn’t have any problems at the WDW restaurants with a 9-month old, but you know your child best - will she (and you) be able to cope well during a meal at a restaurant? If so, then go for it!

Thanks all. We’ve been out to eat with her only a couple of times and so far only to Applebee’s and Red Robin as test runs. I figured anyone eating there would expect children and also that they would be fast enought to get through before she would get fussy. So far,she hasn’t actually been awake for a restaurant trip yet :smile: I have very little experience with children though so I don’t know what to expect in terms of eating out when she’s 9 months. I’ll know more then, from experience, but its time to make the ADRs now, so i’m just trying to make some ADRs that we might actually be able to keep once the trip happens. If i have to change them later, we can be flexible, but the planner in me wants to give it a shot now. I wouldn’t subject fellow diners to a screaming child no matter where it is, so i’m more interested in logistics type things that I may not know to think of - for example is it easy to get a high chair, places with more kid friendly types of food, just learning from others’ experiences, etc.


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Signatures will definitely take longer, buffets help speed up the process. At that age, we’d just give our son something from our own plate vs. ordering something separate.

Are there any particular restaurants you were thinking of?

As you said… Make sure you add extra time to… Everything :slight_smile: we took ds 9 months last month and he did great! I was nervous but everything worked out! I would suggest buffets just for the fact you can get up and walk around when needed… My ds loves to walk around and look at everything! Good luck and have a blast!