Best 2 bedroom lock off garden/pool view Boardwalk Villas

Any thoughts on room requests for 2 BR Boardwalk Villas garden/pool view? We just reserved a week for June 2020 through DVC rental. This is our first time renting points or staying above moderate level. I’ve tried to look at room views on various sites, but I’m not sure where to request! Thanks!

I’m a newbie, so take my comments with a grain of salt but we just booked a one bedroom villa at the Boardwalk and requested the highest room (for noise levels) looking out over the quiet pool south (east would work as well). From there you can see some of the fireworks at HS. That’s our only consideration, I don’t think we care too much about walking distances to the elevators or lobbies.

Thanks for the reply! I’d love to see some of the fireworks too for nights we might not be in parks! I plan on requesting a high floor too… I did read some reviews about super long walks in these halls. While we are perfectly capable walkers, I know I’d rather minimize the whining at the end of a long days at the parks! :slight_smile:

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