Benefits of using third party vendors to buy park tickes?

Touring Plans’ Ticket Calculator is telling me I’ll get the best price from either Tripster, Boardwalk Ticketing, or Maple Leaf Tickets. Is there any reason I should go with one over another? Is there something like Ebates I could use to get an extra “discount” or benefit?

(The ticket calculator is only showing an overall savings of about $10 for our ticket totals - 2 adult and 1 child - over buying directly from Disney.)

Wow, that’s not very much of a discount. I saved closer to 200 for a party of 5 when I bought from Undercover Tourist (sign up for Mousesavers newsletter to get an additional $1 off each ticket), but I’m sure there are situations in which the discount just isn’t there. Did you add to cart on the Disney site as they list total without tax and Undercover Tourist for example includes tax in the price you see and that is a chunk of savings difference.

You’re right! I forgot that I was comparing one price with tax to one without. The savings is actually $94. Much better!

But will I get a ticket number to use on MDE ? Looking at Tripster, it says, “Ticket Info: Simply present your printed ticket and matching photo ID at any Will Call window in any park to receive your tickets for entry. Tickets purchased with us are officially authorized by Walt Disney World Resort.” How does that work if I need to link the tickets in the app before my Fast Pass day?

I received instant (took several hours/maybe even next am) tickets by email and was able to link the codes directly to MDE account. No issues at all.

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Undercover Tourist does e-Tickets that can be linked to MDE as soon as they are issued via email (sometimes immediate, sometimes a day or two later). I would confirm that your vendor does too before purchasing.

Can you still get UT tickets mailed to you too?

I think there was an option for that but I can’t remember for sure. I always prefer eTicket so I didn’t take note.

You could as of April earlier this year.

Thanks @Jeff_AZ and @cjandres. I had an issue upgrading once at HS. They told me my UT tickets were not park hoppers. I happened to have the physical tickets and the ticket type was printed on it. It saved me a lot of time and trouble.


Who did you buy your tickets from?

Undercover Tourist

Thanks, everyone! I went with Boardwalk Ticketing, which guarantees that they’ll email the number I need to link the tickets in MDE within 24 hours, and the paper tickets will be shipped for free. My discount was $90 instead of $94. $4 for peace of mind and one more thing checked off my trip-planning checklist. :smile:


Yes I just ordered my tix from Undercover Tourist on Black Friday and they were mailed to me.

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The eTicket that I received from UT is a PDF and states the ticket type (# of days and whether it is PH) on the ticket with a bar code, etc. It is an official Disney-issued eTicket with licensed characters, etc. I have it saved in a place that is accessible from my phone in case something like that happens to me.

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I had my UT tickets mailed this year.

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Anyone bought from tripster?

I bought from Tripster. I received an e-mail confirmation of my tix and it had a Disney confirmation number as well as a Tripster confirmation number. I immediately put it into My Disney Experience to link to my profile, which worked smoothly. So I have the tix confirmed and saved a lot! I would highly recommend.

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To clarify - I put the Disney confirmation number in MDE to link the reservation.

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