Belle's First Ever Trip Report!

Planning thread is here if you missed it.

actually, y’all, in all honesty I have no idea how much time or energy I will have for documenting this trip. But I will at least start with good intentions, in honor of all the help you guys have given me.

K10 threw up three times yesterday and things were looking dicey, but we kept her home an extra day from school; she slept until noon and now seems fine. (It will be 24 hours since she last threw up at 6 pm. At 6 pm we’ll be in Macon, if we’re lucky.) K12 and I have already been exposed to whatever she might have had (and K12 was feeling nauseous Monday, so it could have been we’ve had this little bug around a while); my dad is driving himself down so we don’t have to worry about possibly infecting him. I just need to make/print some TPs and load up the car.

I still do not understand Genie+ and ILL at all, not even a teeny smidge.


Glad the vomiting stopped.
At the rate you’re going you’ll make it to Disney before us. :joy:
Safe travels.