Belle at Epcot

Hey Guys ! We are looking to meet Belle at Epcot, and I know her schedule in France. We are intending on meeting her during her second set (can’t make the first one)…which begins at 12noon. We were thinking of lining up 1/2 way through her first set.

Anyone have any experience waiting for Belle you can share ? How long should we allow to wait for her, and is there a better plan ?

My girls will see her at ETWB, but this will be our only autograph and chatting opportunity.

Thanks so much !

Did you ever find an answer? I hope so. I’ve found that Kenny the Pirate’s site has good information about the character meet times in Epcot. You have to buy the app or subscribe to use the website version of the app, but it’s not terribly expensive and provides good information. Here’s the link.

I’m sorry I don’t have any first-hand knowledge.

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Thanks, @SallyEppcot ! Kenny definitely has some good info…time to subscribe for the good stuff, I guess. :smiley:

Still hoping someone who has waited for, and met Belle will chime in. Thanks again !

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