Bell services

Good morning! I have a simple question. I think I know the answer, but I wanted to double-check with the experts. Is it ok to leave your suitcase with bell services even if you aren’t staying at that hotel?

My mom has her annual work meeting at WDW next week. She said that DME from Coronado Springs on the last day of the conference was a complete mess last year, because all the attendees were trying to leave at the same time. She is planning to avoid that circus, and Uber over to one of the monorail resorts to spend a few hours poking around and eating lunch before taking Uber to the airport. Can she leave her suitcase at the Poly or Contemporary bell services while she does this? I told her she could, but I would hate to have given her incorrect information.

Thanks in advance!

Every time I have checked my bags (outside at the curb) they have just asked me the last name and I have received a receipt.


Thanks @PrincipalTinker!