I am looking at making a Beirgarten reservation towards the end of their lunch period to be a lunch/dinner for us. Does anyone know if they completely close down the buffet at the end of the lunch period or do they just start to change food over for dinner? I would hate to pick a late lunch and only have marginal food choices left if they were not replenishing the food. Thanks!

There’s very little difference between lunch and dinner, but regardless there will be plenty to eat.

…and its called “Biergarten”. (Like: Beergarden)

Sorry, but for me, as a german, it hurts my eyes. :blush:
Have fun and try the sausage.


I can’t tell you for sure, but I’m pretty certain Disney would never let the buffet go empty.
Also, there are only very slight differences between the Lunch menu and dinner menu:
Lunch has Meatballs, Dinner does not.
Dinner has Bavarian-style Pot Roast and Beef Rouladen, Lunch does not.

So, I think the worst you are up against is that you may miss the meatballs.
The Cold Items and Desserts are identical at both meals.

There is definitely a complete shut down between meals, but they won’t let the lunch buffet go empty until it does shut down.