Being impatient

Universal has released its plans for HHN. So now I’m getting antsy to know if Disney will be doing anything for Halloween or if it’s all just going to be 50th anniversary stuff. I’m operating under the assumption that there will be no MNSSHP, but I’m being impatient and want to know for sure. And the dates for Food and Wine. As far as I can tell, those haven’t been released either? We’re going to be there mid-august, which is kind of a grey area for those events even in normal times. I’m hoping the end of our trip will overlap with something.


I haven’t heard anything!

But I think a lot of that is waiting on the current climate to see when everything can go back to normal. This is the worst part. The waiting.

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Yes, I think this is what is going on. But I’m still impatient. :smile:

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